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Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company was established in 1935. During its early years, the company functioned as a first class shipwrights and marine engineers, carrying out dry docking refits, overhauls and repairs. New and used boats of all kinds were bought, sold and licenced by the business.

By 1942, the employees at Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company had increased from half a dozen to over one hundred. At the end of the war, Landing Craft and Motor Torpedo Boats arrived back at the boatyard and along with numerous sailing barges, became houseboats.

Today the company retains its roots of traditional houseboat building, dry dock inspections, repairs and renovation with a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen on site. Now in its 85th year, this established river business continues to flourish.


Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company has been training apprentices since the early 1940's. Generations of young adults trained as craftsmen with many staying as employees for much of their careers.

To apply for information about an apprenticeship please contact


020 7349 6417

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